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Results will be posted here for all event finishers approximately 24hours after the event is run.

Please double check your individual results and email us asap if anything appears to be incorrect

so we can remedy it for you.


3.2k Race


1st Male          Nick Bone

2nd Male        Chris Moors 

3rd Male         Stu Penman


1st Female      Carla Wentink

2nd Female     Nicole Hampton

3rd Female      Karyn Kemp


1.6k Race


1st Male          Sunny Sun

2nd Male         Stanislav Denis...

3rd Male          Jeremy Clarke


1st Female       Rachel Lilly

2nd Female     Natascha Greenway

3rd Female      Prue Tyler


3.2k Race


1st Male          Stu Penman

2nd Male         Rick Wells

3rd Male          Frank Mullenger


1st Female      Nicole Lockie

2nd Female     Alice VanDerVelden

3rd Female      Sarah Brooks


1.6k Race


1st Male          Dan lee

2nd Male         Brendan Hall

3rd Male          Keith Anderson


1st Female       Emma Brooks

2nd Female     Tara Oconnor

3rd Female      Alena Emmanuel

3.2k Race


1st Male          Cole Drinnan

2nd Male         Nick Bone

3rd Male          Stu Penman


1st Female      Sarah Brooks

2nd Female     Ella Crowe

3rd Female      Rebecca Bryant


1.6k Race


1st Male          Rob Jolliffe

2nd Male         Garry Downs

3rd Male          Hansoul Lee


1st Female       Rossane Lockie

2nd Female     Sophie Wardrop

3rd Female      Lillian Klein

3.2k Race


1st Male           James Hansen

2nd Male         Stu Penman

3rd Male          Sven Hansen


1st Female      Emma Brooks

2nd Female     Sarah Mortimer

3rd Female      Dawn Dooley



1.6k Race


1st Male          Jeremy Clarke

2nd Male         David Frost

3rd Male          Peter Reid


1st Female       Tara Oconnor

2nd Female     Cynthia Borne

3rd Female      Julie Bedggood

3.2k Race


1st Male           Donal Barry

2nd Male         Connor Paterson

3rd Male          Stu Penman


1st Female       Chantelle Cowlrick

2nd Female     Pauline Thorpe

3rd Female      Claire Macky



1.6k Race


1st Male          Charlie Knox

2nd Male         Jonathon Temple

3rd Male          Chris Stevens


1st Female       Rosie Dieath

2nd Female     Cynthia Borne

3rd Female      Gaby Crozier


3.2k Race


1st Male            Donal Barry

2nd Male          Simon MIllar

3rd Male           Alex Boyd


1st Female       Sarah Mortimer

2nd Female     Terri Bidwell

3rd Female      Louise Bockett



1.6k Race


1st Male           Logan Jackson

2nd Male         Steve Griffith

3rd Male          David Moss


1st Female       Janet Franks

2nd Female     Melissa Percival

3rd Female      Denise Munday

3.2k Race


1st Male        Connor Paterson

2nd Male      Michael Williams

3rd Male       Liam Peterson


1st Female      Chantelle Cowlrick

2nd Female    Aimee Hutchinson

3rd Female     Nicola Skinner



1.6k Race


1st Male          Tim Guy

2nd Male        Terry Mercer

3rd Male         Garry Downs


1st Female       Emily Viivao

2nd Female     Brenda McKellow

3rd Female      Natalie Donald

3.2k Race


1st Male          Richard Hills

2nd Male        Andrew Stevens

3rd Male         Greg Dillon Price


1st Female     Natalie Woodgate

2nd Female    Sarah Mortimer

3rd Female     Hayley Borkin



1.6k Race


1st Male        Gabriel Heim

2nd Male       Peter Thomlinson

3rd Male        Gavin Legge


1st Female     Deborah Hambly

2nd Female    Kate Bruffy

3rd Female     Lisa Daniell

3.2k Race


1st Male        Alex Boyd

2nd Male      Matt O'Neale

3rd Male       Jon Robinson


1st Female    Rebecca Annan

2nd Female   Kelly-ann McHugh

3rd Female    Linda Van Uden



1.6k Race


1st Male        Mike Segetin

2nd Male       Kevin Hinton

3rd Male        Paul Gully


1st Female     Emily Robinson

2nd Female    Liz Davidson

3rd Female     Janet Thursdon